C O M I N G    S O O N    T O    A N D R O I D


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RESERVED is an easy-to-use app that connects those who
are looking for parking with those who have space.


Our app offers a marketplace for those who have extra parking space and wish
to rent out that space in an easy and stress-free manner, offering average individuals
the chance to use their extra space to earn a new form of passive income on their terms.



"First day of classes, I didn't have my parking pass but I had the paperwork. I put that on my windshield but I got ticketed because it fell. I'm paying $330 for a parking pass."

Kyle Killit
Virginia Tech Student

"You're having to pay to park even though you paid for a parking pass. If there aren't any spots available, you have to buy a spot."

Sergie Kalashnikov
Virginia Tech Student

"The appeal process to get that ticketing undone is insane. It takes months."

Bryant Chou
Virginia Tech Student

"It's 8 am and it could be 15 degrees outside. It can be hazardous driving around with a frosted windshield. Public transit around here isn't good enough to offer alternative methods of getting to class."

Scott Ro
Virginia Tech Student